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Run Zappy Using CMD and Trigger Zappy files using Windows Task Schedular

Step 1: Open Command Prompt.
Click on search on windows and type CMD. Open the cmd.

Step 2: Enter following command on CMD and hit enter button.
"C:\Program Files\ZappyAI Limited\Zap Automation\ZappyRunner.exe" FileName=C:...\Desktop\test.zappy bool _AutoRunFileBool = Environment.CommandLine.Contains("-AutoRunFile");

"C:\Program Files\ZappyAI Limited\Zap Automation\ZappyRunner.exe": This is a ZappyRunner exe file path.
FileName=C:\Users\vaishnavi\Desktop\test.zappy: Zappy file path which wants to execute.
bool _AutoRunFileBool = Environment.CommandLine.Contains("-AutoRunFile");
: Auto Run zappy file.

Add windows task scheduler to .zappy file on daily basis.

Step 1: Open Task Scheduler.
Click on search on windows and type Task Scheduler. Open the Task Scheduler.

Step 2: Right click on Task scheduler library and select Create Basic Task.

Create Basic Task window will popup. Enter the Name of task and enter some Description and click on Next.

Step 3: Task Trigger window will popup. Select trigger type like we have select Daily as below. Click on Next.

Step 4: Enter the Start Date and Time. Click on Next.

Action window will popup, then select Start Program and click on Next.

Step 5: Enter details in Start Program window.
In Program/Script: Enter Zappy runner Exe file path like,
"C:\Program Files\ZahppyAI Limited\Zap Automation\ZappyRunner.exe"
Add argument: Enter zappy file path which we have to run on daily like,
FileName="C:\Users\vaishnavi\Desktop\2nd.zappy" bool _AutoRunFileBool = Environment.CommandLine.Contains("-AutoRunFile")

Click on Next.

Summary window will popup. Click on Finish.

Selected zappy file will execute on entered time.

Likewise, we can add trigger on zappy files on daily, monthly basis.

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Run Zappy Using CMD and Trigger Zappy files using Windows Task Schedular

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