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Excel Column Split


Split/divide a cell content into sub strings smaller in the excel workbook




RowIndex – Row index of the opened workbook.

ColumnIndex – Column index of the opened workbook.

Index – Set array’s index which one splitting sub-string we want.

SheetName – SheetName of the opened workbook.

WorkbookName – Workbook name.

Separator – Separator as a delimiter.

ExcelPerpertyType – The Select from drop down whatever you want from the opened Workbook and set from “Value”,” WidthInChars”,” Formula”, ”HeightInPoints”, ”Wrap Text”, ”Text”, “CellBackgroundColor”, “FindTextInSheet”, “FindLastCellRow”, “FindSheetName”, “FitExcelWorksheet”.


PropertyValue – Split value of set row and column index from the opened workbook.

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Excel Column Split


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